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You wrote a book and it's just sitting on the shelf, gathering dust and nobody is reading it.

No book sales. No book reviews. No paid speaking gigs. No impact.

Has it left you feeling...

  • Defeated because you put years of effort into writing the book and no one has read it?

  • Overwhelmed with everything you have to do make sales?

  • Lost because you don't know where to start to get reviews?

  • Stuck because you don't how to market your book and grow a community?

It's time to reach your audience to sell books, get reviews, and book paid speaking gigs.

The problem is that you haven't marketed your book and expertise. Your audience is out there, but they don't know you yet and that is what I help you solve.

This is a common mistake of first-time authors.

Authors write an amazing book, and expect readers to find them, but that rarely happens just because you published a book. Books need promoting as much as the latest shiny new gizmo. It can be hard to keep up with the rapid changes taking place in the world of publishing.

Hi, I am Judy Baker, and I am an author like you. Book Marketing Mentor brings together my love of books and passion for helping authors bring their expertise and voice to their readers. I believe...

... your Book is too important to go unread.

Selling your book and getting reviews requires expanding awareness for your book, gaining attention, getting readers excited about your book, and helping convert shoppers into buyers.

Engaging with your audience may feel too hard or unnatural. You may not know where to start or what to do to help people find your book. Or you might have been disappointed after working with publishing experts without seeing a big difference in your book sales.

Many authors shy away from the spotlight. As an introvert myself, it is easy to talk about other people and books. When it comes to being the center of attention, I sometimes hear that stupid little voice in my head saying "Who are you to be calling yourself an expert?" even after working with authors for more than ten years.

No one grows up thinking they will be adept at marketing. You may even see marketing as a bad word.

Working with authors who fear the spotlight and are uncomfortable promoting their books are the people I like to surprise by showing how marketing can be comfortable, simple, and impactful.

I provide support to authors like you as you design your marketing strategy using my proprietary One-Page Book Marketing Plan. And I will help you through the implementation phase.

Book Marketing Mentor is the ultimate resource for authors who want to sell more books and get more reviews, so you can land paid speaking gigs, and more consulting projects.

I bring expertise in strategic marketing, branding, and mentorship to help you achieve the goals you set when you first started writing your book.

It's easy to get started with Book Marketing Mentor


Make the call to see what you need to:

  • Sell more books

  • Receive book reviews

  • Be seen as an expert

  • Land paid speaking gigs

  • Discover how to multiply your impact

  • Build a platform to transform more lives

  • Identify opportunities to connect with your audience

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