About Judy

Judy M. Baker is the Book to MoneyMaker coach.

Her personal plot twist came with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Along with this challenge, she discovered an unyielding resilience and tenacity that shines through her work with authors. Her path to healing brought deep insights, enriching her approach to book marketing with creativity, compassion, and curiosity.

She connects with authors at every stage of their journey, offering personalized coaching, engaging workshops, and comprehensive programs and courses designed to illuminate the path to success.

Judy’s poetry and stories grace multiple anthologies and her current publishing projects are infused with inspiration and practical guidance.

Judy helps authors put marketing into everyday conversations, she demonstrates how small, strategic actions build awareness, gain attention, grow connections, and sell more books.

Voice to Text Habit, Watch 3 minutes 36 second Video

From Fear to Fun and Freedom

She remembers how her fear of public speaking disabled her ability to communicate. She loves to share how she overcame shyness to shine as a speaker. She listens to the challenges and concerns of her clients and brings empathy to mentoring sessions—providing a safe place for authors to explore ideas and ways to overcome the obstacles getting in their way.

Where She Soars in Service to Others

Baker makes the hard stuff of book marketing easy. She specializes in branding and marketing. Her expertise as a graphic designer, book designer, marketing strategist, performer, and being a profoundly curious individual are some of the reasons why authors love working with her.

Baker is a native Californian, living her dream in Sonoma. She is President of Redwood Writers, the largest chapter of the California Writers Clubs. Past chair of the RW Academy (Redwood Writers), Past President of The Bay Area Independent Publishers Association, BAIPA; a member of the Bay Area Consultants Network (BACN); Judy is a member of the Napa Valley Writers Club and the Berkeley Branch of the California Writers Club. She is a member of the Women’s National Book Association San Francisco Chapter and Bay Area Women in Publishing.

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