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Since 2011, Judy M. Baker has coached hundreds of authors, giving them the tools for monetizing their books, guiding them on the path to success. 

“Marketing is a conversation, and everyone is in sales” are lessons she learned working with wine pioneer, Robert Mondavi. Presentations to the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association, Redwood Writers, Napa Valley Writers, Women’s National Book Association, and the Bay Area Consultants Networks have earned praise. 

Judy wrote and self-published her first book at 16. Her stories and poetry appear in anthologies from Redwood Writers Press. Judy is working on a memoir/guidebook proving women with ovarian cancer can take charge of their treatment and recovery.

Judy is President of Redwood Writers, the largest chapter of the California Writers Clubs. She is past president of the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association.

Judy created this logo as a student in the Applied Graphics Program at Santa Rosa Junior College. Her love of color, typography, and communication contribute to her visual and verbal messaging. Her designs begin with the meaning and emotion desired in the eyes of the audience.

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Let's Talk!

My Cancer Story

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Author to Authority

Know Like Trust Podcast

Drawing from her own experiences and resilience, Judy M. Baker encourages authors to reach a larger audience and get their message out multiple times through consistent content creation, and to diversify their content into different formats like audiobooks and workbooks. She believes that consistency is key and that authors should develop the habit of consistently producing content to see positive results. Join Kim Thompson-Pinder and Judy M. Baker as they delve deeper into this topic.

The Bold Badass Business Owners Show

Dr. Barnsley Brown recently interviewed me on the Bold Badass Business Owners show, and the video interview is now up and ready for you to enjoy!

Not a bunch of fluff stories, though I promise you’ll learn stuff you NEVER knew about me “behind the scenes.” You can implement business hacks we share immediately to create the stellar sales, satisfaction, and success you want. Now get your business badass over here and check it out!

The Spotlight on Speaking Sow

Host: Bret Ridgway

Tune in now and get Judy Baker’s thoughts on:

Her speaking journey and what led her to get into public speaking. Judy Baker’s golden keys to success as a speaker, a few mistakes she made along the way, and she encourages aspiring, as well as active public speakers, to avoid, especially for authors.


Know Like Trust Podcast

Do you struggle to do everything yourself without getting the results you want? What if you could change the conversation and win every day?

In this episode, Judy reveals how she turned a life-threatening event into an opportunity for growth and happiness. She applies her life lessons to the process of rebooting books and infusing authors with inspiration to take action with joy and intention.


Inside Independent

Publishing Podcast

Host Peter Goodman and guest Judy M. Baker discuss the power of engaging your readers and building a community to help you brand yourself and your book. This episode was recorded at the IBPA Publishing University in San Francisco.

The StclairSpeaksShow

Host: Yahavy St. Clair

Yahavy and guest Judy M. Baker have a conversation about what it means to be a book mentor, trends in publishing, ways of removing creative blocks, and reframing challenges as opportunities for growth.

On the Map


If you have published a book and it is just sitting on a shelf or in boxes in your basement, learn what to do instead to relaunch your book with tips shared between branding experts host Lee Caraher and guest Judy M. Baker.

Mobile Domination


The Importance of Marketing Your Book Even After the Book Launch with Judy M. Baker, where we discuss the power of taking time to reflect, reboot, and cultivate resilience, apply to you, your book, and your business.

Coach’s Copilot

Host: Nicole Bandes

The importance of marketing your book and saving your time and money while reaching more readers.

D.E.B Show


where I am part of a panel discussing how to showcase yourself: 

I’ve provided links to more information on how your listeners can benefit from hearing me on the show. 



Judy embodies how small, strategic action steps build your audience, get attention, grow connections, and help sell more books and services.

Reflect, Reboot, and cultivating Resilience are her guiding principles.

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