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Up Your Authority, Visibility, and Credibility

Your book is a showcase of your experience and expertise.

Let's help your audience know you, like you, and buy from you.

You can transcend the common mistakes most authors make.

Even if you write an amazing book

expecting readers to find you without a plan is rare.

Books need marketing as much as the latest shiny new gizmo.

I help authors like you solve the puzzle and get into action without going broke or crazy.

Sound Familiar?

  • Book sales are disappointing
  • Too few book reviews
  • No paid speaking gigs

If any of these are true, keep reading

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Get More Bang from Your Book!

Selling your book and getting reviews doesn't have to take over your life.

With a step-by-step plan,

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Help the people who need your wisdom find your book.

Many authors are introverts (like me).

Even if you are quiet and shy away from the spotlight,

with this method you can shift the focus to the people you help

and ditch being uncomfortable with being the center of attention.

The old way of marketing doesn't have to be the way you do it now.

Embrace the new world of book marketing, being honest and open with your audience.

I love working with authors like you.

Providing you the key ingredients to make marketing as easy as having a conversation with a friend.

It's comfortable, simple, and impactful.

(And it doesn't take forever to see results.)

What's Included in Get More Bang from Your Book!

Turn Your Content to Cash with Your Book Marketing Roadmap

  • Support
  • Tools
  • Accountability
  • Reach your Audience
  • Weekly Meetings
  • Problem solving
  • Sessions recorded
  • Focus on your needs
  • Access to resources
  • Individualized support
  • Step-by-Step Guidance
  • Timely Tips
  • Actionable Plans
  • Repeatable System

Client Attraction System

Create your personal plan

for attracting clients

  • Audition your message

  • Strategy overview

  • Define Your Goals

  • Prepare Your Plan

  • Find the Holes

  • Resources

8 Weeks with Live Calls

Done with you over 8 weeks

  • Strategy to Action with Ease

  • Turning Content into Cash

  • How to implement your plan

  • Weekly meetings

  • Check-in on your progress

  • Share ideas

  • Set goals

  • Q&A

Technology, Techniques and Mindful Marketing

Habits, systems and shortcuts

  • Building Your Author Brand
  • Healthy Habits that Stick
  • Repeatable actions
  • Mindful Marketing
  • Demonstrations
  • Accountability
  • Automation

Live Office Hours

Build Your System with Confidence and Support

  • Timely feedback on your homework
  • Experiment, Learn, Refine
  • Questions and Answers

Private Mentoring Program

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