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The Art of Authenticity

May 16, 20242 min read

Power of words quotation by Rudyard Kipling

Discover the Transformative Power of Writing

I write across genres: nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and magical realism. My journey through writing has been both diverse and deeply personal. Following my recovery from cancer, I attended workshops where writing was used to unlock trauma and promote healing. This return to creative writing played a crucial role in my path to wellness, allowing me to reconnect with my inner self and find joy in self-expression.

Writing became a therapeutic tool for me, not just in creative endeavors but also in my nonfiction and business writing. Additionally, I began keeping a daily gratitude journal. Each night before I sleep, I spend a few minutes recording at least three things:

- People I appreciate

- Something I've seen, heard, tasted, smelled, or touched that delighted or amazed me

- Gifts or purchases that bring me joy

- Compliments received or given

This simple yet profound practice has rewired my brain to focus on gratitude. The positive benefits are undeniable: I feel more buoyant, sleep better (most nights), and my mind seeks out things to appreciate every day.

The Power of Sharing Stories

Sharing stories is embedded in our DNA. It's through stories that we connect, make sense of our experiences, and find common ground with others. If I asked you to name a book that changed your life, it would take only a moment for a title to come to mind. For me, that book was "How to Work a Room" by Susan RoAne. This book had a profound impact on me, teaching me the art of networking and the power of making connections.

Imagine the possibilities if you began to jot down your own stories. What if you took it a step further and shared even one of those stories with someone else? Writing has a magical quality; it allows us to explore our inner worlds and connect with others in meaningful ways.

The Unexpected Magic of Writing and Connecting

As a lifelong book lover and avid reader, words have always been an integral part of my life and livelihood. I was a shy child, preferring the company of books over people. Meeting Susan RoAne and witnessing her master the art of working a room transformed my perspective. I read her book cover to cover, learning to enjoy making new connections. She showed me how easy it can be to find commonality and build relationships.

When you combine the act of writing with the intention to connect, unexpected magic happens. Writing opens doors to new perspectives and deeper connections.

Let's explore how writing can help you connect with others and transform your life. Share your stories, and let the magic unfold.

Want to learn more? Join me on Friday, May 17. Scan the QR Code to register.

The Art of Authenticity

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Judy M. Baker

My mission is to help nonfiction authors create and sustain buzz about their books, reach more readers, grow their impact, and attract income. Judy M. Baker, the Queen Bee of Book Buzz, has transformed the lives of hundreds of nonfiction authors with her strategic and integrated approach to marketing and branding since 2011. She writes poetry, memoir, and magical realism, and is a creative content creator. Judy lives in Sonoma and is the Past President of Redwood Writers, the largest chapter of the California Writers Club, and Past President of the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association.

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