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December 07, 20223 min read

“Most authors sell less than 250 books over their lifetime .” - Judy M. Baker

Many authors struggle to find their audience:

There are many reasons why an author may sell fewer than 250 books. One reason is that the book may not have been widely marketed or made easily available for purchase. Additionally, the book may not have appealed to a wide audience, or it may have received poor reviews from critics. Additionally, the book may have been competing with a large number of other books in the same genre or category, which can make it difficult for it to stand out and attract readers. Finally, the book may simply have been published in a time when there was a lot of competition for readers' attention, making it difficult for the book to gain traction.

A to B

Your book may be awesome and full of wisdom, yet there are many who people don't know about it. You want to connect and raise awareness, without making it a full time job.

Some of the reasons books don't sell

  1. Lack of marketing and promotion: If a book is not marketed effectively, it will be difficult for it to reach a wide audience and attract readers.

  2. Limited availability: If a book is not available for purchase in a variety of places, it will be difficult for readers to find and buy it.

  3. Lack of appeal: A book that does not have a clear target audience or that does not appeal to a wide range of readers is less likely to be successful in terms of sales.

  4. Strong competition: If a book is published at the same time as other books that are similar or in the same genre, it can be difficult for it to stand out and attract readers.

  5. Negative reviews: If a book receives negative reviews from critics or readers, it can be difficult for it to gain traction and attract new readers.

  6. Limited reader attention: In today's world, there is a lot of competition for readers' attention, making it difficult for books to stand out and attract readers.

What Speaking Can Do for You, Your Book, and Your Business

Speaking allows you to connect with potential readers in a personal and engaging way, which can help to build interest in your book.

  1. Speaking can help to establish you as an expert or authority in your field, which can make your book more appealing to potential readers.

  2. Speaking can help you to share insights and information about your book that may not be included in the text, which can help to pique readers' interest.

  3. Speaking can help you to reach a wider audience than you might be able to through other marketing channels, increasing the potential number of readers for your book.

  4. Speaking can help to build your personal brand and reputation as an author, which can help to drive book sales.

  5. Speaking can provide opportunities to sell your book directly to audience members, which can be an effective way to increase sales.

  6. Speaking can generate media coverage and publicity for your book, which can help to increase its visibility and attract new readers.

Judy M. Baker

Unlocking the power of nonfiction books to create a scalable and sustainable marketing system. Authors will attract the right clients, business opportunities, and leverage income. Since 2011, Judy M. Baker has transformed the lives of hundreds of nonfiction authors with her strategic and holistic approach to marketing and branding. She writes poetry, memoir, magical realism, and is a creative content creator in print and video. She lives in Sonoma and is the president of Redwood Writers, the largest chapter of the California Writers Club.

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