Tired of Wasting Time and Money?

It's time to reach your audience to sell books, get reviews, and book paid speaking gigs.

The Problems You Face

You haven't marketed your book and expertise.

Your audience is out there, and they don't know you yet.

These are common mistake authors make.

You write an amazing book expecting readers to find you, and that rarely happens.

Books need marketing as much as the latest shiny new gizmo.

I help authors like you solve the puzzle and get into action.

Sound Familiar?

  • Book sales are disappointing
  • No book reviews
  • No paid speaking gigs

If any of these are true, keep reading

  • You're feeling discouraged
  • Defeated after putting your heart, soul, time, and money to writing a book nobody is reading
  • Overwhelmed with everything you have to do to influence book sales
  • Lost because you don't know where to start to get book reviews
  • Stuck because you are unsure of how to market your book
  • Frustrated by how to grow your community and still have a life
  • Need support to stay on track

Life Can Be Better With

Jumpstart Your Success with Authors in Action

Selling your book and getting reviews requires creating conversations with readers.

Help them find your book.

Many authors are introverts (like me) who are usually quiet and uncomfortable with being the center of attention. You may even see marketing as a nasty word.

I love working with authors like you.

Providing you the key ingredients to make marketing comfortable, simple, and impactful.

(And it doesn't take forever to see results.)

What's Included in the Authors in Action Program

12 weeks to Your Book Marketing Plan

  • Support
  • Tools
  • Accountability
  • Reach your Audience
  • Weekly Meetings
  • Problem solving
  • Sessions recorded
  • Focus on your needs
  • Access to resources
  • Small group size
  • Step-by-Step Guidance
  • Timely Tips
  • Actionable Plans
  • Repeatable System

One Page

Book Marketing Plan

Weeks 1-4: Learn and write

your book marketing plan

  • Complete your roadmap
  • Strategy overview
  • Define Your Goals
  • Prepare Your Plan
  • Find the Holes
  • Resources

Authors in Action

Weekly Calls

Weeks 5-12: Implementing your plan

  • Strategy to Action
  • How to implement your plan
  • Weekly group meetings
  • Check-in on your progress
  • Share ideas
  • Set goals
  • Q&A

Technology, Techniques and Mindful Marketing

Habits, systems and shortcuts

  • Building Your Author Brand
  • Healthy Habits that Stick
  • Repeatable actions
  • Mindful Marketing
  • Demonstrations
  • Accountability
  • Automation

Investment Option 1

$999 when you pay in full

Investment Option 2

3 payments of $433

Are You Ready for Action?